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Do you ever find yourself looking into your closet and saying “I have nothing to wear”?  This feeling is often due to buying a medley of pieces that go with few items or that incorrectly fit your lifestyle.  There is a popular adage that is good advice for any woman who wants to have a wardrobe that really works for her – “build your wardrobe for the life you actually lead, not for the life you think you lead, but don’t”.  For example, you may love beautiful dresses, but find that you reach for dressy pantsuits and a pretty top most often when you get together with friends, or head out to a dinner party.  As much as you may like (or want!) that new beautiful dress, chances are you’re not going to wear it (or not wear it often enough to justify the cost). 

Wardrobe consultants provide the necessary objectivity that is needed when viewing your wardrobe.  We take into consideration your lifestyle, your clothing budget, your personality and how you best like to present yourself through your choices of clothing and accessories.  We’ll help you establish what makes you look and feel great, and will build on that format.  We’ll take you clothes shopping or, if you prefer, we’ll do your shopping for you.  If you cringe at the thought of shopping for clothes on your own, having someone else do this for you can save you a lot of stress and frustration.  The primary benefits of hiring a wardrobe consultant are that you will have help in organizing your closet, as well as assistance in streamlining and updating your wardrobe.  When you have an organized, truly functional wardrobe, whatever you reach for should mix and match with most of your other clothing items – this saves you much time and indecision when getting ready for work or for a special outing.  The ultimate goal is to have the type of wardrobe that you have always hoped for – one that reflects your personality and truly works for your lifestyle. 

A general rule of thumb is that most people wear 20% of their clothes 80% of the time.  Innately, we all have a certain look that we like, or pieces that make us feel stylish and comfortable at the same time – these are the items that we reach for most often.  Wouldn’t it be wonderful to look at your wardrobe and know that every single item was one of your favourites, made you look and feel fabulous, and truly worked for your lifestyle?  Sometimes streamlining your wardrobe to the key pieces that you reach for most often can result in a much more workable wardrobe.  Looking at your wardrobe with a ruthless eye and clearing it of past fashion mistakes provides the space and freedom to choose clothing in the future that more appropriately reflects your lifestyle and sense of personal style.

Most of the principles and elements of design are applicable to your wardrobe – balance, scale and proportion, emphasis (or focal point), harmony (or unity), colour, line, texture and pattern.  The clothes that look best on you are the ones that you feel good in, are appropriate for the occasion and that create a balanced look for your body type.  Foundation items are those pieces of clothing that form the basis for most of your outfits – for example, crisp white blouses, well-tailored black pants, or skirts in basic styles and colours that you can dress up or down.  They are the garments that can be effortlessly swapped in and out of different outfits.  Since these are the items that will be providing the most wardrobe mileage, the majority of your clothing budget should go to purchasing quality items that will easily take you from season to season.  Once you have some solid foundation pieces, you can branch out and add some colours and prints.  And don’t forget to add some interesting accessories – these really add pizzazz to your wardrobe and punctuate your sense of personal style.

Having your own signature clothing style reflects your individuality and allows you to express your personality in a way that is uniquely you.  Style transcends trendiness and fashion fads, and enhances your best features for everyone to see.

You can make a lasting impression and look and feel fabulous
through your wardrobe choices!

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