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We all lead busy lives, and if you’re disorganized at home, looking for things you need can cause a lot of frustration and waste a lot of time - not to mention cost you unnecessary money if you end up replacing things that you know you already own....if only you could find them!

Every home has “stuff”.  That’s what makes it a home, not a hotel.  The goal is to have a home that is comforting, welcoming and personally reflective of its occupants.  Some people may have lots of things and still be relatively organized, whereas some may have far less and be quite disorganized.  The key to effective home organization is choosing the right stuff to hold on to – the items that truly fit your family’s lifestyle.  By weeding out what you don’t use or don’t like, and only holding on to the things that you use or love will help to create a home that fits your lifestyle, showcases your interests and passions, and works for the whole family.

But just the thought of going through all of your “stuff” is probably a bit daunting, isn’t it?  Won’t it take a long time?  Where will you put everything as you’re sorting through it?  Maybe you don’t have any idea what you should keep, and what you should toss.  Hiring a personal and/or professional organizer takes the stress and indecision associated with organizing off of your shoulders.  We take the time to find out what you value in terms of what is in your home, and what your lifestyle needs are.  Then we assist you to create a functional system of living where you can quickly and effectively find and use what you have in your home.

Maybe you think you need to move to a bigger house, but cringe at the thought of the extra financial outlay.  It could be that you just need to get rid of some things, organize your home more efficiently, and follow a home organization routine.  Perhaps you are downsizing and can’t take everything with you to a smaller home, or an assisted living residence.  Maybe your home office is out of control and is making you feel overwhelmed about taking on any new clients or expanding your business.  Being organized not only spares you a lot of stress and frustration, but reduces wasted time, cuts down on clutter and maximizes available space.  And let’s face it, we all feel more relaxed sitting, working or sleeping in a room that is tidy, well-organized and free of piles of clutter.

Your bedroom, home office, kitchen, pantry, bathroom and clothes and linen closets are the primary places where disorganization prevails.  These areas can quickly become catchalls for papers, bills, books, expired products, unused items, and bits of this and that.  If you have a place for everything, and your drawers, cupboards and closets aren’t in complete disarray, preparing meals, paying bills, getting yourself dressed and ready to go out, running a home-based business and managing your family’s activities become less of a chore.  If you have a designated space for items you need every morning such as your keys, purse, eyeglasses, cell phone and daytimer, you will always know where to find them.  It may sound simple, but disorganization has a way of creeping up on people when they’re busy doing other things.

We’ll help you to cull and streamline your possessions, while still ensuring that you keep those items that you really use, love and treasure.  You’ll probably be surprised at how much you can get rid of and not miss one little bit.  And when you’re organized, your free time seems to expand, leaving you more time to spend with family and friends or to devote to hobbies and leisure activities.

Organization = peace of mind.

And peace of mind is......priceless!

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