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Some people love to shop – like us!  But for others, shopping can be a source of frustration and stress because it is not something that they enjoy, or because they do not have the time available to spend doing it.  You’re probably familiar with the saying, “if you could bottle time, you’d be a millionaire”.  It’s what you never have enough of, especially during the holidays.  But there is a solution: hire someone to do what you don’t have time for!

At some point over the course of your busy life, you may have asked someone else to do some shopping for you (or at the very least, wish that you had!).  Maybe you left your gift shopping to the last minute and happily delegated a portion of the then-stressful task to someone else, or perhaps you just didn’t have the time or energy to spend on hunting down a gift for a hard-to-buy-for individual.  Many people have utilized the services of a personal shopper on a periodic or seasonal basis at one time or another; but generally speaking, those who most often use and benefit from using these services are:

  • Those who are too time-pressed to shop for themselves or others – either due to work, family, travel and social commitments;
  • People who dislike crowds (particularly during peak seasonal shopping periods), and who want to avoid parking hassles, parking fees and line-ups;
  • Those who have more people to buy for than they have time to shop for;
  • People who are going through a lifestyle change and would like assistance with updating their wardrobe for a new career avenue or a change in marital status;
  • Those who want to update their furnishings and home decor for an existing or new primary or secondary home and don’t know where to start or what to get;
  • Busy executives who don’t have the time to purchase thank you or holiday gifts for their families, friends, employees and clients;
  • Senior citizens and those who are unable to shop due to illness, disability, or transportation difficulties;
  • Those who are new to the city and don’t yet know where to shop for specific items;
  • People who feel overwhelmed with the selection of goods and services when it comes to making purchases, and want to avoid making costly mistakes;
  • Those who don’t like, or find it tiring and frustrating, to go shopping and would prefer to spend their time on other activities.

When you hire a personal shopper, the entire shopping process is completed for you – from the initial thought process, the price comparing, the selection and purchasing of items and the delivery of purchases.  We know when to take advantage of sales and vendor discounts and have better price negotiation power.

Personal shoppers are up-to-date with styles, trends and new hot items – whether they are gift, clothing or home decor items.  Our shopping expertise will eliminate costly mistakes for incorrect, undesired gifts, and will ensure that the recipients of your special, unique gifts are exceedingly pleased with what you give them – this is particularly helpful for seniors looking to buy the right gifts for grandchildren, nieces and nephews, and husbands and wives who often draw a blank on what to buy for each other.

Having someone else do your shopping saves you the fatigue, stress and frustration that often comes from traffic hassles, high parking fees, overcrowded malls, traipsing from store to store looking for “that special something”, fitting room and till line-ups, and physically struggling with your purchases.  Any impulse purchases that you may make due to frustration, time constraints or indecision are avoided – thus, saving you time and money for unwanted purchases that you might later return and/or find that you cannot get a full refund for.

Best of all, a personal shopper will make you look good by selecting stylish, quality items for all your gift giving, wardrobe, home decor and special occasion needs!

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