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When I need to know where to find something, when I need the perfect gift and just can't seem to think of anything, when I need a level of creativity that is "above and beyond", the first and only person that comes to mind is Kathleen Gibbs!

I've known Kathleen for 16 years and she has never failed to provide a solution for any of my creative challenges!  When I was getting married and was swamped with things to do, Kathleen saved me a lot of time and energy by creating gift baskets "to die for" (that made me look good!).  She came up with wonderful decorating ideas for my reception and even provided the services!  She advised on the fashions, the proper protocol, and the perfect place to get the invitations done.  Her creativity and resourcefulness saved me much time and anxiety, and greatly enhanced the serenity and joy I felt on my special day.

But it doesn't stop there.  Since then, when I'm too lazy or time-pressed to go shopping, I just call Kathleen, and "Voila!", she comes to the rescue!  Be it clothes, home decorating, gifts, or the perfect ambience for a special occasion, Kathleen comes up with ideas that she follows through on with perfection!

If you are in need of any creative services – be it culling or updating your wardrobe, enhancing (or streamlining) your home décor, organizing your home, giving the perfect gift(s), or assistance with making a special event unique and memorable, Kathleen is the person is to call!

M. Burns, Accountant

Kathleen Gibbs has certainly left a Lasting Impression on me! Kathleen is so vivacious and enthusiastic that I immediately felt comfortable with her and trusting of her advice. She has a wonderfully warm, inviting and infectious personality. Her attention to detail, creativity and sense of style - be it gifts, decorating, or fashion - is unsurpassed.

Kathleen’s love of finding just the right gift not only comes from the heart, but is a passion of hers! She is a master at making even the smallest of gifts seem special. Her organizational skills are what we should all aspire to achieve. And yet she manages to make organizing clutter fun and stylish!

Meeting Kathleen has shown me that, using the professional services of someone who can really take care to get to know your lifestyle, personality and requirements, is a real gift!

A. Justus, Business Development Coordinator

The move to our new house would never have gone as smoothly as it did, had it not been for Kathleen's amazing organizational skills, keen eye for style and detail, and sheer stamina as the boxes kept on coming!   By the end of the day, our kitchen, living room and dining room looked as if they had been lived in for months.  Everything was in place, all the rooms looked cozy, yet stylish, and everything flowed together exceptionally well.  We never would have managed any of this on our own, as our son was just a one year old at the time and was very active throughout the moving process.  Kathleen has a great eye for home decor and I was so pleased to have her very helpful input.

C. Cagliolo, Professional Gardener

Finding the ultimate perfect gift….that’s not something that everyone can do.  Kathleen not only hunts it down, but wraps it up in jaw-dropping flair.   I’m always amazed at the thought and consideration that she puts into her gift baskets.   It’s her attention to details and the finishing touches that make something ordinary seem extraordinary.  

Not only does she have a flair for beautifully packaging unique gifts, but her passion and creativity extends beyond that into room décor.  I’ve seen her special touch transform bland rooms into something that is comfortable and stylish.

Kathleen really is the perfect “go-to” person for style and creativity.

L. Wright, Interior D├ęcor Sales

Kathleen is the most dedicated, enthusiastic, customer-focused professional to provide me with ideas and guidance in my home decorating, wardrobe analysis, home organization and gift selections.  She makes it all look so easy as she takes in the situation, listens closely to my needs, discusses her imminent plans and implements them with a flourish.  Kathleen’s interpersonal, communications and multitasking skills marry very well with her creative skills, and that is what comes through in her work.  It is such a pleasure to work with her as she laughs easily and obviously enjoys her work immensely!

A. Lewis, Food Scientist

I have seen first-hand the beautiful gift baskets that Kathleen Gibbs creates.  She has an intrinsic talent for finding just the right items, and then presenting them with such creativity and care that you can’t bear to open the package!  I have worked as a coordinator on corporate United Way campaigns and the gift basket silent auction is always eagerly anticipated and a very successful fund-raising event.  Kathleen made stunning baskets for the campaigns – I have even been a lucky recipient.  Opening a gift basket by Kathleen is like Christmas Day when you were five.  One special treasure after another, her loving attention to the smallest detail, making you feel like your gift was made especially for you.  Which of course, it was.

C. Heisler, Event Coordinator

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